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All You magazine has exploded in popularity thanks to the combination of an economic crisis, coupon websites, and shows like Extreme Couponing. All You magazine can only be bought at Walmart or online. ** Click here to start your own online fundraiser at eFundraisingOnline with All You and over 600 other magazines.** Groups and savings websites all over the country have caught on to the fact that eFundraising offers the best prices on over 600 magazines, including All You magazine at just $20 for 15 […]

  How Your Group Can Earn Money With Magazine Fundraising While Your Supporters Save Do you buy magazines at checkout? Subscribe to one or more of your favorites? Nearly every American reads magazines. That’s why magazine fundraisers are at the top of the list of fundraiser best sellers, along with the classic candy bar fundraiser. But did you know your group can have their own free, personalized online fundraising store, with over 650 different magazines – everything from Sports Illustrated to People magazine? And your […]

1. No Risk! Cookie dough fundraising through facilitators like often have no-risk or low-risk methods of bringing the dream of your cookie dough fundraiser to life. There is no payment up front, and no investment to be made outside of your supporters and team members’ responsibility to turn in the payment for their own purchases. You will only be invoiced for what you order, when you order, and only when you’re ready to order! 2. Free Shipping! Can you imagine how much it would […]

All non profits can use some pro bono marketing, human resources and IT consulting… When you are looking for some additional help for your non profit, keep Taproot Foundation in mind. They have been connecting business professionals with non profits since 2001. Read more about them and see their latest accomplishments.  

We found a great list of articles for nonprofit consultants! Check out Sandy Rees’ Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, a round-up of interesting posts written by nonprofit bloggers. She picks up some great articles in her Carnival. My favorite article this week, “How Poor Service Destroys Your Reputation,” from Jeff Brooks. Your organization can be well known, and your brand strong, but your name can be mud to your donors. How can this happen? Definitely worth reading …  

5 Fundraising Ideas for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime! Fundraising isn’t limited to small businesses, charities, and non profit organizations. You can fundraise, whether you’re a parent, student or a child with a dream! There are tons of smaller fundraising ideas out there that people can implement on an ongoing basis and at their convenience. Here are five easy ways to fundraise that anyone can do! Bottle Return Did you drink a soda? You’re sitting on the elementary principle of fundraising. If you take your empty can […]

Employees of the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland OR are raising awareness for breast cancer through their Pink Glove Dance video on YouTube. You may have seen this undeniably fun employee-made YouTube video catching a fire on Facebook or Twitter over the past few weeks. The Pink Glove Dance video made by employees at the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland OR. The video was made to generate awareness within their own medical center, but has rapidly spread across the internet, with […]

A USA Fundraising reader tells us how their school put their own twist on a school auction – and had their most successful fundraising auction to date! Our school’s “Tasty, Delicious Chinese Auction” Fundraiser was our most successful auction yet. The novelty of standard Chinese Auctions wore off when many of our generous donors of gift certificates, 50/50 prizes and table items for auction grew scarce. Fundraisers subsidize our class trips, graduation dances and other needed resources. Our think tank Fundraising Committee was charged with […]

The Benefits of a Beef Jerky Fundraiser There are a few reasons why Beef jerky makes for an excellent fundraising product for your fundraising group. The dry meat product we know of as ‘jerky’ is actually a very nutrient-dense and exceptionally stable food that has been around for decades. When you think about it, it’s incredible that a piece of meat can be such a unique treat. It lasts a long time and still manages to retain such exceptional amounts of nutrients and flavor when […]

Learn more about Greenpeace’s mission, what you can do help protect the environment and slow global warming, and how you can support Greenpeace. From time to time, USA Fundraising puts the spotlight on a charity whose work we admire.  This month we chose Greenpeace, as we are all concerned about the future of our planet, our children and our children’s children. Greenpeace “Greenpeace exists because this earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.” We couldn’t agree more – […]

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