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The mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked cookies is hard to resist, yet busy families rarely have time to make these homemade treats.

Organizations that run a cookie dough fundraiser usually have an easy time finding customers. The tubs of gourmet cookie dough in premeasured, frozen amounts are easy to store, and people love being able to make bakery-style cookies in the comfort of their own homes.

Cookie dough fundraisers are popular for all organizations—from schools to sports teams—and can generate substantial profits. Here are five fundraising tips that will boost your group’s cookie dough sales and raise money for your organization.

1. Assign “teams” of sellers and offer a pizza party or additional incentive to the team that sells the most dough. Most people are naturally competitive, and transforming your fundraiser into a fun challenge will bring out the selling spirit in your group. Keep the teams aware of the other teams’ progress to ensure a friendly competition.

2. Give your sellers a goal well in advance. Calculate the amount your organization wants to raise from the cookie dough sales, and make your group aware of how much they need to sell to raise enough money. Find a fun way to keep track of your sales, and celebrate every time one of your sellers gets a large order. The excitement will be contagious, and your sellers will want to make you proud.

3. Buy tubs or boxes of dough before you begin your fundraiser and sell cookies at school events, malls, and other popular locations. Tell your customers that you plan to hold a fundraiser soon where they can purchase the same cookies, and get their contact information. You’ll spark interest and get people excited about your upcoming fundraiser. You’ll also have an idea of how many tubs to order later.

4. Order a few extra tubs and use them to make cookie samples. Have your sellers carry small cookie pieces with them when they ask people to buy dough. More people might be persuaded to purchase dough if they can taste the cookies ahead of time. Your sellers will also have an easier time talking to customers if they can offer them a sample.

5. If you have extra dough once your fundraiser is over, bake cookies and sell them individually at a well-attended sports game, bake sale, or school function. You could even use a fun cookie cutter to create shapes that remind people of your group. One of the best ways to attract potential customers is to bake the cookies in a small oven near your table. The warm smell of freshly baked cookies will keep them coming back for more.


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