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Fundraising Fiesta Day in the Park

Planning a fundraising fiesta in the park requires some pre-planning. The first thing to do is secure a park date and grove arrangement with the nearest parks department. Be sure to alert the parks department that the event is for fundraising for your group. Parks departments usually waive any rental fees, although you may be responsible for the grove clean-up after the event. Once the date is secured, the advertising begins. This can be with ordinary flyers at local schools, churches and civic organizations. Don't forget to mention you'd like your event to be printed in their regular newsletters and magazines.

Staging The Fiesta Day In The Park

The best way to plan for a fundraising Fiesta/Day in the Park is to stage the entire event beforehand. This helps avoid any problems or issues that are often unintentionally omitted. Pre-staging of a fundraising event is a handy tool for all organizers to adapt. It often produces hidden costs that need to be ironed out. Staging a fundraising event works well when there's a script to follow. This is nothing more than an event program before it's printed. So, there are already visible needs for several committee organizers: the staging manager, program script manager and advertising manager. If there are to be special guests or speakers, these need to be included in the planning. Add the actual event organizers for each of the day's events and the planning is as tight as a drum.

Fun With A Fiesta/Day In The Park

Staging a fundraising Fiesta is almost as much fun as the day of the Fiesta itself. This is where all of the details of decorations, advertising, programming, special events and speakers are woven into the total script. Instead of spending oodles of money on decorations, why not contact a local school or vocational school to see if their arts department would be interested in creating Fiesta decorations? If they are availed of the historical significance of Maya, Inca or Aztec art, their instructors will be more than eager to assign it to their students as a regular classroom project or homework.

Vocational schools also have culinary students, as do local culinary schools, who are always eager to volunteer for public events to earn scholastic credits. You can also request their help serving foods they've prepared for sale so they can get a bit of public service experience.

Fiesta Day Arrives

Be prepared for a rain even by securing the rental of a tent or check with the parks systems regarding this. Many parks provide rain or shine accommodations. Arrange the event for a duration of no more than 4 or 5 hours. Allot a couple of hours for setting up and breaking down of the pre-staged tables and seating, dais, food tables, games and music area. Station key coordinators at their predetermined control areas. Don a sombrero and bolero vest, and let the Fiesta begin.
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Now that you have set the date and location and have collected the sale items for your silent auction fundraiser, you need to prepare for the auction day itself. Preparation is key; having things organized before hand will help the sale to run smoothly which makes people stay around longer and keep bidding. Here are tips to help you prepare.

Before the Silent Auction

*If you haven't already, make a spread sheet listing all of the donated items; the item, item description, an item number, who donated it, the retail value, and starting bid. Then print out a paper or two per item listing these details at the top and put numbered lines below for people to write their names and bids.

*For a professional look and to make it easy for potential buyers to bid, place each item's sheet on its own clipboard and attach a pen to it. Alternatively you can tape them to the tables to keep them in place.

*Prior to the silent auction, compile a booklet of items that will be for auction. Some people like to see all of the items listed as a whole before walking into the bidding area.

*If you haven't yet, decide on how long of a preview time you will have for people to come and look at the items. Usually an hour to hour and a half is sufficient. Also decide the ending time. Silent auctions work best as half day events done in conjunction with other activities. Make sure that these times are clearly stated in the advertisements.

*Create and print up bidding and payment procedures. For bidding people should write their name and a whole dollar amount on the paper of the items they want. When they are outbid they can raise their bid by writing their name and higher bid below the previous high bidder. For paying it is best to set up two areas; one where people pay and one where they collect their purchases. Direct them to pay first, get a receipt and then show the receipt to the people who are distributing the items.

*Obtain a cash box and plenty of change and/or a credit card procesor.

*Set out donations. You can sort them by price or by type such as gift cards, foods, services and clothing. Don't put two similar items near each other; spread things out to keep people moving around. It's better to use two rooms rather than stuff everything in one room.

Day of the Silent Auction

*Post bidding and buying procedures or hand them out to attendees.

*Have items arranged and with bidding papers and pens next to each item.

* Open the doors on time.

* Make closing announcements one hour, thirty minutes and ten minutes prior to ending the auction.

*At ending time, have appointed volunteers collect the item sheets and items, taking them to thier own respecitve areas.

*As customers pay, make sure to mark the item as paid and then have them take their item sheet to the other area to pick up their item. Make sure to keep the bidding sheets for your records.
How to Plan a Silent Auction Fundraiser Print E-mail
When planning a silent auction fundraiser, here are five simple steps to follow to help make it a success.

Find a Location: School gymnasiums, community centers and church reception halls are great places to hold silent auctions since they are large and can be rented for a small fee.

Advertise: This is key to your success. Make sure to start advertising as soon as you make the event public and then follow up with posters in the businesses who have donated items. Also be sure to use local television, radio, newspaper, community websites and social media to get the word out. On the day of the silent auction, decorate and sign it well so that people know where to go.

Get donations: Ask local businesses to donate both high and low ticket items in order to attract buyers of all income ranges. It is good to have a mix of physical products and service vouchers up for auction.

Acquire Supplies: You don't need much to hold a silent auction, but you will need plenty of tables and space for items to be put on display. You will also need at least one sheet of paper with the items description and minimum bid, if any, plus lines for people to write their name and bid. It is wise to tape a pen to the table next to each item for convenience of the buyers and so that you don't lose a bunch of pens. On the day of the fund raiser you will need a cash box with plenty of change.

Create Set Procedures:
You will want to have some rules for your silent auction. When will the items be available to be seen? When will the bidding start and end? How will payment be accepted? When will the items be released? To avoid any confusion and problems, it is good to post this information on the day of the fundraiser.
How to Plan a School Barbecue Fundraiser Print E-mail
Inexpensive meals such as spaghetti dinner fundraisers and barbecues are a great way to get your school's families together, providing them the opportunity to get out of the house without having to spend a lot of money, and of course, letting you raise funds with an offering that everyone will love!

Here is a complete list of everything you will need to do to to plan your next barbecue fund raiser. Depending on your time frame, the number of volunteers involved, and the number of people that you think will attend the barbeque, you may need to make some modifications - this as a general guideline that has worked for other schools in planning their fundraising event.

Two-Three Months Before

* Set a date and location.
* Create a menu and price food items; determine the cost per meal and what you will
* Create a list of community business who might be interested in sponsoring the barbecue.
* Write up and send out sponsorship letter.
* Make a budget of how much will come from appropriated funds and how much you expect
to collect from sponsors.
* Create advertisements and press releases for any of the following that you will use:
newspapers, television, radio, social media, school website, local businesses.

Six Weeks to One Month Before

* Follow up on potential sponsors. Call or visit the businesses and answer questions that
they might have.
* Find volunteers to help with setting up, preparing food, serving food and cleaning up.
* Start advertising campaign.
* Create signs to put out the day of the barbecue. Consider a large sign to put outside of
the event location and paper signs to put on street posts.

Two-Three Weeks Before

* Buy all paper products including table cloths, plates, cups, silverware and napkins.
* Buy non-perishable food items.
* Hold a short meeting with volunteers and explain their roles to them. Assign shifts, if

One Week Before

* Buy perishable food items.
* Contact volunteers to remind them of their shifts. Find back up volunteers just in case
they are needed.

Day Before

* All volunteer groups should finish up their preparations, set up tables, prepare the foods
that can be made in advance.
* Get a cash box and plenty of cash to make change. Don't forget a calculator and paper to
track attendance

Day of the Barbecue

* Arrive early.
* Put out signs to advertise the barbecue.
* Finish preparing food and have them set out just as the doors open.
* Make sure all volunteers arrive. Contact back up volunteers if needed.
* Clean up afterwards.
* Deposit money in the bank.

Day After

* Return any borrowed or rented items.
* Send thank-yous to sponsors.
* Prepare and send out a report on the fund raiser, if necessary.

Additional Fund Raising Opportunities at the Barbeque

To raise additional funds and add to the atmosphere of your barbeque you might consider having some extra activities that will bring in more funds for your school. To simplify the meal, you might omit dessert but then have a stand serving dessert a la carte for those who want them. What about having a silent auction or bake sale? You might as well take advantage of already having people present and earn a little extra money. Finally you could have a few parents organize face painting or children's games to give the kids something to do while adults eat and chat.
Animal Welfare Fundraising Print E-mail

Four-Legged Friend Fundraiser:

humane_fundraisingIn order to keep facilites up and running animal shelters, rescues and welfare groups are always in desperate need of fundraising activities. A great fundraising idea to help these compassionate organizations is to hold a neighborhood or regional fundraising event.

Whether you are a rescue volunteer, animal rights advocate, pet owner or animal lover, you can get involved in the cause by helping to plan an animal friendly event in your area. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Choose your event

Brainstorm for ideas that are fun, accessible and most importantly, animal friendly. One excellent fundraising idea is to team up with a local rescue and hold a regional Dog Park Day. Dog owners, potential owners and lovers can head down to the nearest dog park to show their support and bring their furry friends along to socialize.

This type of event is great way to generate both donations and adoption interest.The shelter can set up info tables on animals available for adoption. Attendees can meet certain dogs and gain vital information on pet adoption in general. The neutral ground also allows the shelter to pre-screen potential applicants and see first-hand how they interact with the animals at the park.

Maximize potential

The key to making the most of your animal fundraising event is to do more than simply generating direct donations. A donation table should be present at the event but the addition of a customized fundraising product will leave a lasting impression on supporters and yield better results. Customized T-Shirt fundraisers are an excellent choice because supporters are not only able to contribute to the cause through their purchase, but will have a tangible memory of their support and be spreading the word to others every time they wear their new t-shirt.

Broad-based communication

News of an upcoming fundraising event can be spread  several ways. Word-of-mouth is a free and easy way to communicate the details, but this method doesn’t always have the farthest reach. For best results, combine word-of-mouth, with social networking tools. Twitter allows you to broadcast info to a large group of people all at once, and on Facebook you can create an event page with all necessary info and have your volunteers send invitations to all of their friends. You can also monitor the RSVP’s by yes, no and maybe. Homemade flyers are another inexpensive supplementary option.

Have a backup plan

One thing to keep in mind when coordinating an event is that there should always be a backup date in case of bad weather or other surprises. It is best to communicate the backup date on every piece of correspondence you send out, along with a phone number, email address or web site link for potential attendees to access the morning of the event, to find out if it has been postponed. This is another reason why communicating via a social networking page is optimal. For instance, when you create an event page on Facebook, everyone who is on the list of attendees will receive an email when there is an event update. Updates can be time or date changes or they can be as simple as a “bring sunscreen” message.

There are so many ways for you to demonstrate your compassion and love for animals. We can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

To learn more about custom t-shirt fundraising click here

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